Smart Power Strip – 3 Outlet & 2 USB


  • Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant / IFTTT, supported for voice control. You can instantly turn on or off each socket and usb ports through Echo or Google Home.
  • Remote Control: Use the master control mode or control 3 smart sockets and 2 USB ports with your smart phone.
  • Easy Setup and User-friendly: Just download the App and follow the installation steps to start. The App design is simple and user-friendly and the Wi-Fi connection is very stable.
  • Excellent Quality: The smart power strip is made of PC flame resistance material and has been approved for safety and quality assurance.
  • Specifications: Power supply: 90-250V AC, Wireless type – WiFi 2.4GHz, Maximum load current – 10A, USB Port – 2 ( 5V 2.1A ), Material: RF-ABS

3 AC sockets can be controlled separately, 2 USB ports can be controlled separately.

& Radic; ABS + PC flame resistant material
& Radic; work with Alexa echo: work with Amazon Alexa Echo to control each of the outlets individually by means of voice control after connecting the smart life of the application successfully. Turn on / off your devices based on a set time you can set on saving power with wifi smart power strip
& Radic; 3 AC sockets + 2 USB charging ports: equipped with 3 stores and 2 USB port for charging for travel, at home or office, provide a convenient notebook power adapter and other slot cards. And you can remotely control the reproduction of indoor lighting, for heating rooms, fans, and other devices at the same time. (3 outlet can be controlled unit; 2 USB can be controlled individually)
& Radic; free control application: connect to a Wi-Fi network and download the free application smart life (IOS8 or above / Android 4.1 or above) on your smart device and a pair from Amazon Alexa using the Apple store / Android system on the market / in google play. Support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, does not support 5.0 GHz
& Radic; energy saving and security: a remote control your everyday electrical equipment with security through voice control when you are indoors. Year of construction leakage, switch overload protection, technical support surge protection, effective absorption sudden huge energy, protect the connection of equipment from damage
& Radic; easy to use: just connect your lights and devices to this power strip from USB, download the smart life app, add it to your account via 2.4G wifi network. When you turn it on / off on the app, you’d like that app and it’s a smart sync device on / off, no time delay.
Wireless remote control
No matter where you are, you can control 3 slots and 2 USB ports separately using a smart phone using full control mode.
Schedule automatically
Smart stores – your good helper to achieve remote control and schedule automatically, turn on / off your lights or other household appliances with your smart phones or tablets, anytime, anywhere where you have internet access; work as timer switches, turn on / off your time-based devices can be set to the smart power socket.
Intelligent USB power
USB ports Super charging with a maximum 20W output power, detects devices to ensure the ideal charging speed of 2.1A per port, eliminating any power supply.
Work with Alex and Google assistant
Work with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant to control each of the outlets individually through voice control. Turn on / off your devices based on a set time you can set on saving power with wifi smart power strip.

WiFi connection instructions

How to control the power of the tape over the phone?
Step 1: Download and install ‘Smart Life’App’ on your phone.
Step 2: connect the devices in the WiFi power strip and press the button on the side of the button for 5 seconds until the light indicator is flashing.
Step 3 :, which could serve you, in the Smart Life app, and connect to the WiFi power strip via 2.4 Ghz wifi network.
Jak para with Alexa / Echo / Dot?
Step 4: after completing the setting for smart life, open the application Amazon Alex-> smart home-> smart home skills-> turn on smart home skills -> turn on the smart life of the application.
Step 5: you can control via the Alexa Amazon app, can also control using your voice.
What should we pay attention to?
1. when they make the connection, usb wifi outlet compatible only with 2.4G WiFi network, does not support 5G network. But after you connect successfully, you can use any wi-fi or cellular network (3G / 4G / 5G).
2. Please make sure that the smart power strip power wattage is less than the rated power of 2500W.
3. 3 electrical sockets 2 USB output, which can be controlled individually
4. note: it is just control the power supply socket

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it compatible with Alexa / Google home?

Yes, it is compatible with Google home as well as Alexa. Simply connect to the Wi-Fi network and download the free application Smart Life (IOS8 or above / Android 4.1 or above) on your smart device, and then can remotely control the play of light indoors, to heat the rooms, fans, and other devices in each moment anywhere. And also through voice control after connecting the Smart Life application successfully.
2. Can I remotely control every outlet from the Smart Life app and control the devices, fans, and desk with us state lamps for every outlet through Alex?
Sure, please believe it. You can change the name of each outlet using the smart life of the application, and then remotely control each outlet, ON / OFF, time, and more.
3., if I do not have Echo Alexa / Google home, if I can still on / OFF switch manually, is the remote control app still achievable?
From course. It will not be changed at all.


Purchase note:

This universal power strip is suitable for USA / UK / Europe / small South African plugs. Please select the appropriate technical data in the purchase. Due to the UK’s large size standard plug, it can not meet the requirements of three devices with a British plug at the same time. Please consider carefully before buying.



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