Application Control

Our application makes your life Smart & Easy. You can monitor, control, schedule & lock any appliances through our’ mobile application from anywhere in the world



User can turn On and turn Off a group of appliances, curtains or RGB Mood light with a single click. User can also create scenes as per their mood


User can turn On /Off any of their appliances at a pre-defined time. User can set schedules once or on repeat mode as per their need. Schedule works independent of the internet.

Guest Mode

User can limit the access of their appliances to the guests visiting their place. They can also restrict the features assigned to them.


User can get instant notification when the status of any of their appliance changes or when any set schedules gets executed.

Child Lock

User can lock the physical access to their appliances like A.C, T.V. etc. in any state they wish. It can then only be controlled by their mobile application.

User Friendly

User can personalize the application: rename it, rearrange it, set icons to switches or groups as per their choice